Travel Essentials For First-time Backpackers

It was my first out of the country trip, and so it was pretty much a milestone for me. Heading out off the beaten track was not my thing but it was such an exhilarating experience that I’ll never forget. It even pushed me to travel more. To experience more and maximize your adventure, it’s highly recommended to do research and pre-plan your trip. So I listed out here some essential items that you shouldn’t miss for that backpacking trip.



First on the list, you should choose the right backpack. Yup, a backpack and not a wheeled suitcase. That’s what I learned from my beau who’s been traveling South East Asia. He says it’s better when you’re out for adventure taking an off the beaten path. I also noticed the backpackers we met when we went to Singapore and Malaysia, they’re all in backpacks.

If you got a cheap flight and never wanted to add extra baggage to save cost, having a compact backpack is essential. Personally, I prefer Hawk Bags. They have a wide variety of stylish yet sturdy bags with wide straps so you’ll feel comfortable carrying it. Best of all, they offer a lifetime warranty in case their zippers got damaged.


Backpacking Essentials




Every fashion girl’s struggle is how to efficiently pack with all the outfits. Since most airlines have a maximum limit weight of 7kgs the real deal here is how to pre-plan your OOTDs and maximize the space and weight limit. Consider where you’ll go and what activities you’ll do, so you know what to wear. It would be best to bring your light-weight pieces, applies only if you’re going somewhere hot. Mix and match pieces and make sure they all go together.


Backpacking Essentials
White Loose Top from Unarosa • Shoes from Hue Manila


Backpacking Essentials
Stripes Strappy Bodysuit from Murashop Clothing • Blue Culottes from Murashop Clothing • Shoes from Hue Manila



You’ll definitely need a good pair of comfortable shoes that can handle a whole day of walking. This is a must if you don’t want to have bloody and painful feet. Bringing your fashionable sneakers is fine though it would be better to have running shoes or a pair that has a cushion inside. Include a pair of flip-flops too in case you need to let your feet to be free!

Backpacking Essentials

Shoes from Hue Manila



Of course, you don’t wanna miss out by capturing memories while you’re on a trip. You can use your savvy smartphones with you but still, it would be better to have a good quality camera with you. I considered buying a light and compact mirror-less camera which can transfer photos easily on my phone. So happy with my Fujifilm XA-3!

Travel Essentials



Who says you can’t stay connected while traveling? Not all places have free Wi-Fi and it might incur additional fees from your home network provider. Buying a SIM card upon arrival in a country could be an option but that’s kinda hassle to change cards all the time especially if you travel across countries.

I was able to find an affordable solution to stay connected even overseas. iVideo offers handy travel pocket Wi-Fi devices which you can rent and bring anywhere in the world with you! It’s like your regular pocket Wi-Fi only meant for traveling. Just turn on the device, connect and enter the password and you’re all set to surf and stay connected 24/7!


Select your travel destination and choose a plan and pay the rent. Wait til you get the kit right at your doorsteps or at selected pick-up points if you’re traveling to Taiwan, Japan and USA. Once you have it, you’ll get a nicely packed Wi-Fi kit that contains the following:

  1. The Pocket Wi-Fi
  2. An adapter and USB cable
  3. Extra Battery, plus points yes!
  4. A user manual

You’ll never FOMO (that’s Fear Of Missing Out) while traveling using this one! iVideo travel pocket Wi-Fi is available in over 150 countries. For the rates and availability, you may visit their website at iVideo.


Once you’re done with the unit, you can drop it off where you picked up or schedule a free pick-up from FedEx by calling their hotline. Don’t forget to remind them to bring a pouch, a send-out form/invoice when they pick-up. Just wait for the pick-up and you’re done. Repeat on your next trip!


Backpacking Essentials

Backpacking Essentials



Better prepared than not at all! Bring flashlights, power bank, and a universal travel adapter. Also, never forget to pack medicines for a headache, fever, and LBMs, lol. Keep an emergency wallet stashed in your main bag as a contingency fund.

Travel Essentials





So there you have it. Learn to pack smaller, lighter, and smarter! Best of all, have fun and enjoy your trip. Let your journey take you where you’re supposed to go.


This is post is co-sponsored by iVideoThe unit was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and experience stated in this post are entirely my own.

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