21 and I’m having fun!

The 16-year-old Cams.
16 years old.

When I was 16 I am so excited to be 18. As far as I remember I was a really good girl without any freedom of going out with my friends or attend parties. I long for freedom so I can experience the teenage life. Also, I wanted to become 18 as fast as the clouds move not because I can celebrate my debut but because I can finally work and again, have FREEDOM!

For all you know I am not from a wealthy family. My mom and dad got separated when I was a kid and I am their only child. When I graduated from high school all I wanted was to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. College as we all know is too expensive and my parents cannot afford to send me to a well-known and quality college/university. My efforts, awards, and the First Honorable Excellency when I graduated both in grade school and high school paid off.

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18 years old.

I did not know that college life was so stressful and hard. I lost my scholarship and I had to stop. (I can retain it though  but the maintaining grade is 1.50 but I got a general weighted average of 1.60. Too bad, I know) I cannot work then because I’m still 16. I was able to attend college again the following year when someone offered me a scholarship. After that semester, again,  I had to stop. (I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.) My family decided that I need to rest for a while. I

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20 years old.

entered modelling and luckily I succeeded in that field for quite some time. Finally, I am in the legal age and I was able to work. After that break from college, I was able to attend again but this time without any scholarship– mom and dad’s hard work sent me again. And here I am next year is the most anticipated year of my graduation and I definitely hope so! I am really working hard for it. The 4 year program for me became a 4 + 2 years, which means I’ve been taking my program for like 6 years. Damn, I cannot wait any longer! 🙂

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21 years old.

After all that I’ve been through and now that I am 21, I think there’s more to life that I can enjoy. I may not be rich nor popular but still I am living my life like it should be. There’ll be ups and downs (but as for me add more drama!), those unexpected moments and most of all the unforgettable experiences that we can treasure.

Being 21 does not mean it’s all about the fun. For me, it’s like living the life up one level. More responsibilities, difficult situations and tougher challenges that we have to surpass. Another thing in life are the life-changing decision making. One chosen path could lead you up or a level just below it, haha! All those would be part of the next years of my life, of our lives… but I know everything will be alright if we just keep on moving forward. It maybe tough to have that kind of  disposition in life but who else knows what’s better for us? It’s US!  No matter what we choose, always remember: NO REGRETS, JUST LOVE.

I never thought I could write all of these. I hope these would not all be write-ups but will serve as a reminder for me and everybody.

PS Have you noticed the transition of beauty? From UGLY to LESS UGLY. 🙂

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